The Sixteen Sacred Names of Vishnu, ShodasaNama Stotra

The Vishnu Shodasa Naama Stotraa is perhaps one of the highly revered slokas by the Sri Vaishnavas. The sixteen sacred names of Vishnu are chanted by all his devotees with utmost faith every morning, invoking his blessings for every deed done during the day and memorising his name for every action that constitutes a normal day. I have transliterated the sanskrit text and have translated it later on for everyone’s benefit.

Sri Man Naarayana

Sri Man Naarayana


       Oushade Chinthaye Vishnum,       

Bhojane cha Janaardhanam,

Shayane Padmanaabham cha,

Vivaahe cha Prajaapathim.

Yuddhe Chakradharam devam,

Pravaase cha Trivikramam,

Naaraayanam Thanu thyage,

Sreedharam  priya sangame,

Duswapne smara Govindam,

Sankate Madhusoodhanam,

Kaanane Naarasimham cha,

Paavake Jalashaayinam,

Jalamadhye Varaham cha,

Parvathe Raghu nandanam,

Gamane Vaamanam Chaiva ,

Sarva Kaaryeshu Maadhavam.

Shodasaithani Naamaani,

Praathar uthaaya ya padeth,

Sarva paapa vinirmuktho,

Vishnu lokam samopnuyath.

Aum, (The prolific all powerful three syllable)

Think of him as the all pervader Vishnu, when taking medicines.

As Janardhana, the destroyer of evil, when taking food.

As the lotus bellied, Padmanabha, when in bed,

And as Prajaapathi, the chief of all people, in marriage.

Think of the wielder of the Sudarshana, Chakradhara, in war,

As the conquerer of the three worlds, Trivikrama, while on travel,

As the dweller of all creations, Narayana, at the time of death,

And as the bearer of Lakshmi, Sridhara, when meeting a loved one.

Meditate on the protector of the cows, Govinda, in a nightmare,

On the destroyer of Madhu, Madhusoodhana, in difficulties,

On the man lion form of Narasimha, in a forest,

And on the water dweller, Jalasayina, in the midst of fires.

Call on the Sacred Boar, Varaaha, in turbid waters,

The beloved of the Raghu clan, Raama, in the heights of mountains,

On the short dwarf Vaamana, while on the move,

And summon the Sweet lord of everything, Madhava, for every thinkable activity.

He who recites these sixteen sacred names of Vishnu,

Every morning at the hour of dawn,

Will get absolved from all his sins,

And reach Vaikuntha when he sheds his mortal coils.

Recite the above stotra with true faith and devotion. The protector of all, will bless us with joy and health on every day of our life on earth.



~ by deepaksaagar on February 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Sixteen Sacred Names of Vishnu, ShodasaNama Stotra”

  1. Hey Deepak,
    I stumbled across your blogs when I was searching for the meaning of thennaatudaya shivane pootri, ennaatavarkum iraivaa potri.
    I have read all your posts so far and have throughly enjoyed them. I miss home too, miss aruvathumoovar thiruvizha of kapaleeshwarar temple!! Please keep up the great job!!

    Ayshwarya Vijayendran

  2. Hi Deepak,
    Ur blog is rendering so much of nice & useful info.Thanks for sharing and keep up the real good work…

  3. Hi Deepak,

    Can u please translate the Vishnu Mahima Stotram -Prarthana – Shri Vishnu (Vol 1) (2007). Its on


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