A Verse from Shri Rudram

This is a beautiful shloka, from Shri Rudram, the sancto-sanctum of every practicing shaivaite. The shloka invokes Eeshwara with the recitation of twelve of his holy names and appears at the end of the first Anuvaka of Rudram. Generally chanted for atonement, the shloka is also assumed to give the full benefits of chanting the entire Shri Rudram. Given below is the shloka and a short translation of each of these twelve divine names of Shiva.

Namah Paarvathi Pathaye

Namah Paarvathi Pathaye


Namaste astu Bhagavan Vishveshwaraaya Mahadevaaya

Trayambakaaya Tripuraanthakaaya Trikaalaagnikaalaya

Kaalagnirudraaya Neelakanthaaya Mrithyunjayaaya 

Sarveshwaraaya Sadaashivaaya Sriman-Mahadevaaya Namaha.


All my prostrations to,

Vishveshwara, the protector of this entire world and the Universe,

Mahadeva, The supreme, most powerful godhead,

Trayambaka, The three eyed one and the omniscient

Tripuraanthakaa, The one within whom all the three worlds dissolve,

Trikaalaagnikaala, the creator, protector and destroyer of time,

Kaalagnirudraa, the giver of all fruits with time,

Neelakanthaa, the blue throated drinker of the Hala Hala,

Mrithyunjayaa, the victor of death,

Sarveshwaraa, the God of gods,

Sadaashivaa, the ultimately pure and unblemished,

Sriman-Mahadevaa, The blessed great one.

May he ever protect me from all evils.


Short and sweet isn’t it? A very handy one to remember and chant as you go along your daily chores. May the three-eyed one always keep his eyes on us. 

Thennaadudaya Shivane Potri,

Ennatavarkum Iraivaa Potri.



~ by deepaksaagar on March 25, 2009.

One Response to “A Verse from Shri Rudram”

  1. I have been wanting to know a short form of Rudram – as we hardly have the time to recite the whole of it. Thanks. You mail is God sent. regards. Muthu

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