Kannagi’s Last Resort, Siruvachur

The Epic of the Anklet, more commonly known as Silapathigaram, is perhaps one of the best known Epics written in Tamil. Composed by Elangovadigal, the epic sang the story of a chaste woman, Kannagi.

Kannagi was a young woman of legendary beauty, as devout and chaste as she was beautiful. A fitting match was made when she was given in marriage to Kovalan, a wealthy merchant from KaveriPattanam. Life was a bed of roses for the loving couple until fate came in the form of Madhavi, a strikingly beautiful danseuse at the court of the Chozha king Karikaalan. Kovalan was at once enamoured by Madhavi’s dashing looks and totally forgot that he too had a wife, as beautiful and chaste. Lust took over the man’s senses and he started living with Madhavi.

Back at KaveriPattanam, Kannagi was heartbroken over the news of her husband staying in with a danseuse, but nevertheless she continued living as his wife, offering prayers for the well being of Kovalan, wherever he was. 

Kovalan stayed with Madhavi for a year. Over the period, his lack of interest in trade made him loose all his wealth. He had  spent all that he had had in pleasing Madhavi. Madhavi soon bore him a daughter whom they named Manimekalai (another epic in Tamil is based on this daughter of Kovalan and Madhavi). At the end of the year, totally devoid of any wealth, Kovalan’s senses managed to kick in and he realised what he had done under the influence of lust. He begged Madhavi to forgive him and rushed back to Kannagi, who welcomed him back with open arms.

The reunited couple decided to go to Madurai and start a new life all over again. Kovalan planned to restart his trade in the prosperous Pandian kingdom. But having lost everything, he had nothing to capitalise on. It was then that Kannagi came to his rescue once again and gave him one of her anklets. The anklet (silambu) was an exquisite work of art. Made out of gold and filled with precious rubies, it was worth a fortune. Kovalan reluctantly took it to the market place to sell it for a suitable price.



Unfortunately for Kovalan, the queen of Nedunchezhian, the king of Madurai, had had one of her anklets stolen by a greedy courtier. The anklets were very similar to Kannagi’s except for the fact that they were filled with pearls rather than rubies. So when Kovalan attempted to sell the anklet at a goldsmith’s place, the goldsmith immediately accused him to be the thief of her majesty’s anklets and promptly turned him in to the guards. Nedunchezhia Pandian, in a towering fit of rage over the fact that a theft had taken place in his prosperous city, ordered the guards to behead Kovalan without even holding a trial. Kovalan was beheaded and his head rolled onto the sands of madurai.

Kannagi on hearing the news was overwhelmed with anger and grief. She at once took her other anklet and marched onto the court of Nedunchezhian. There, in front of all the assembled courtiers, she challenged the king, “Pandia, in the land that is reigned over by the Goddess Meenakshi, you have committed an act of grave injustice”.

Kannagi at Pandian Court

Kannagi at Pandian Court

The King was shocked, “Pious lady, pray, what fault have I done? Why are you calling me unjust?”

“You have beheaded an innocent man. Your hands are soaked with the blood of a man who knew no harm, who knew no crime.”

“That man stole my queen’s anklets. He deserved to die. In this prosperous land of Madurai, which is overwhelmed with the blessings of the divine couple, no crime will be tolerated.”

“You fool, the man was innocent.”, screamed Kannagi, her eyes were red with anger.

“How do you know that? Do you know the man? Can you pove he is innocent?”

“What is the use, his life cannot be returned,” cried Kannagi, her voice chocked with grief. “He was my husband, my god, my everything. And those anklets he tried to sell were mine, not the queen’s.”

“Aaaah, nice story. How can a poor woman like you have such an exquisite anklet?”

“Base man, unjust king, behold this.”, she screamed and took out her anklet. The king was shocked. “The queen’s anklets are filled with pearls, but here is mine, the other of the pair, filled with rubies. Rubies, the colour of the innocent blood on your hands.” And she threw down the anklet. The anklet broke and rubies burst out of it. “There, do you see? Your act of injustice. You killed an innocent man. You have slipped in your duty as a king. Do you deserve the crown and the umbrella and all the other paraphernalia?” Kannagi shouted, her voice thick with anger.

The king and queen, could’nt bear the injustice that they had done and right there in front of  Kannagi, they gave up their life. But Kannagi was not satisfied. She was burning inwards at her loss, at the injustice she had been subjected to. She tore off one of her breasts and flung it to the ground, “If I have been a true Pathivratha, then let this entire city of Madurai be reduced to ashes. The burning that I feel, let it burn up the city too.” she cursed.

The Curse of Kannagi

The Curse of Kannagi

And at once, tall flames burst up in the city. The whole of Madurai was burning, fed with the power of Kannagi’s chastity. People ran helter skelter and buildings just crumbled down into ashes. Finally, the patron goddess of the city, requested Kannagi to stop the raging fires. Kannagi agreed to the divine request and withdrew her curse. Badly burnt in the fires herself, Kannagi left the smouldering city of Madurai and proceeded northwards.

Near the city of Trichy, Kannagi came across a devi temple and decided to rest there for the night. The temple’s presiding deity was Chelliamman, fondly referred to as Chelli. Kannagi went into the deserted temple and prepared to rest for the night. It was then that something strange happened.

Chelli came out of the sanctum and said “Lady, I request you not to stay here.” she said to Kannagi.

Kannagi was astounded, “Devi, why are you asking me to go away. Are’nt you supposed to protect us?”

“Child, you dont know the situation. I am a powerful goddess, yes. But now I am bound to serve the whims and wishes of a cruel magician. He won my favor with his intense devotion towards me. And when I granted him any boon that he could wish for, he wanted me to be his servant, obeying his tiniest commands. By the power of my own boon, I am bound to him. He uses me to do all his wicked deeds. If he finds out that you have been here, he will surely kill you. Thats why I beseech you to go away as soon as possible.”, explained Chelli.

Kannagi was moved by Chelli’s problems and promised that she would help her to get out of the same. Kannagi and Chelli planned to kill the wicked magician. As night fell, Kannagi withdrew into the sanctum along with Chelli. She invoked her family deity, Kali, to help her in vanquishing the magician. Kali granted Kannagi all her powers to kill the evil sorcerer.

Soon the magician came by and ordered Chelli to come out. But to his great surprise, Kannagi sprang out and with one sweep of the sword she cut his head off. Before dying, the sorcerer made a final request that he sould have his samadhi in the very same temple and all the devoteed should stamp on him for all the evil that he had done. Kannagi granted him his final wish. Chelli too was freed from the bond and was happy beyond all measures. 

Chelli looked at Kannagi, her eyes full of gratitude, ” Kannagi, I am so grateful to you for what you have done. I want you to stay over here forever more and protect the people of this village of Siruvachur. This place is mine no more. In this village, under your powerful rule, no deeds of evil can take place any more. People with evil intentions cannot even enter the village. Billi-soonyam, black magic and Devilic tantras will not workout here. Protect all of the people who come in search of refuge from the evil forces. I will now retreat into the forests of Periyasami hills. You are always welcome to visit me over there.”

Kannagi was overwhelmed with happiness and promised Chelli that she would do her best to rid the world of evil. “I will bless your devotees and mine with protection from all kinds of evil. But I will be down here only twice a week, on mondays and fridays. The other five days, I will be with you, up on the summits of Periyasami hills. I also request that you accept all the offerings and poojas at this temple before I accept them”, she said.

Chelli agreed to Kannagi’s conditions and left to her new abode at the Periyasami Hills

And so, Kannagi took over the seat of Chelli at the temple. She came to be known as Madhurakaliamman, since she had come from Madurai and had gotten rid of the evil sorcerer with the grace of Kali. Several other explanations are also given for her name. Soon, word of her power spread far and wide and people started pouring in. The town of Siruvachur became famous for the grace and protection of the presiding deity and has remained so ever since.

Madhurakali Amman

Madhurakali Amman

The town of Siruvachur is loacted near Perambalur in Tamil Nadu, around 50km from Trichy. The main deity at Siruvachur, Madhurakali, is an epitome of beauty and grace. Unlike the usual Kali with a face fuming with anger and tongue sticking out, the Devi here is calm and serene.

The temple is open only on mondays and fridays, as was commanded by Kali. All the other days it is believed that Madhurakali amman retreats into the Periyasami hills to spend time with Chelli. The temple teems with thousands of devotees on these two days. At every pooja, when the arathi is being offered, the priest first lifts the arathi upwards in the direction of Periayasami hills, offers prayers to Chelliamman and then only proceeds to worship Madhurakali. 

Siruvachur Temple

Siruvachur Temple

In front of the main sanctum is present the samadhi of the evil sorcerer who had commaded over Chelli. The devotees stamp over the samadhi in the rush during the pooja, as had been requested by him. Also, it is believed that all the priests at the temple are descendents of the sorcerer. It is believed that Kali keeps a close watch on them so that they do not, in anyway, inherit the evil mind of their forefather.

The temple is known for protecting people from demonic forces and evil elements. In the times of yore, a board existed on the border of the town of Siruvachur claiming thus, “In the holy town of Siruvachur, ruled over by MadhuraKali, no form of evil will be allowed to exist. Eval, Billi Soonyam, Kaathu Karuppu will all fail to work and backfire on the originators. People with evil intents are warned from entering the town.” Even today, the temple happens to be on the top of the list of ways to counteract black magic and other similar stuff. I would strongly recommend people who doubt that they are being hindered by evil forces to visit this temple and take refuge in the shadows of Her holy feet. She will protect us all.

And so remains Madhurakali, in the village of Siruvachur, granting solace and refuge to all her devotees who come to her in times of need, just like she had protected and solved the problem of Chelli eons ago.


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  1. The temple opening dates may be notified in the internet to easy access of devotees for their travel.

    S Rajalakshmi. Chennai.

  2. The Temple is opened only on Mondays and Fridays and closed on rest of the days. During NAvarathi the temple is open continuously for 10 days.

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    Kaliamman temple,

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  20. I have the privilege of living in Siruvachur for 3 years during my childhood. The place and the temple have changed a lot over the years. But the calmness and green environment is still adding divine atmosphere to that place. We along with my family never missed to worship Goddess Madhura Kaaliamman. The Divine appearance of this Goddess is mixed with beauty and warmth.

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  31. A visit to this Temple once and with the Darshan of Shri Mathura Kali,
    all worry and problems get disappeared and all desires get fulfilled. SHE always desire that HER devotees to be happy and contended.

  32. Ambal has come to me number of times in my dream. She has reminded me to come to her Sannathi when I failed to visit HER inspite of my short stay in Trichy for a few hours. On one occasion, when I told my grand daughter that she is with you, do not worry. She appeared before her and advised her. I have published an article about the Ambal in Bakthi Magazine Nov 16-31 Issue. I have written number of Gayathri Mantras and slokam about HER. In fact, in hour house, she has appeared even before my Grand Father.

  33. சிறுவாச்சூர் காளியம்மன் என்றாலே, மிக பிரசித்தி பெற்ற திருக் கோயிலாகும், அம்பிகை என பக்தர்கள் கூறவே மக்களால் குலதெய்வமாக வணங்கப்படும் , பேசும். பேசியது…பேசிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறது – இன்னும் பலருக்கு சூக்ஷ்ம வடிவில். ஒரு நடமாடும் தெய்வம் – மிகவும் சக்தி வாய்ந்த தெய்வம். நம் துயர் களைவதற்காகவே – கருணையே தவிர – அம்பாளை பார்த்து விட்டோம் என்ற பக்தர்களின் அசைக்க முடியாத நம்பிக்கை, பிரார்த்தனையை நிறைவேற்றிக் கொள்கிறார்கள். .அடியார்கட்கு அருள் செய்ய, வேண்டுதல்களையும் நிறைவேற்ற அமர்ந்துள்ளாள். அருட்காட்சி தருவது வேறு தலங்களில் இல்லாத சிறப்பாகும். குடும்ப தீராத வழக்குகளை, பிரச்னை தீர, தம்பதியர் ஒற்றுமைக்காகவும், குழந்தை பாக்கியம் கிடைக்க, தொழில் விருத்தியடைய, வாழ்வில் நன்மைகள் பல பெற்று, திருமண தடை நீங்கவும், பூர்வஜென்ம வினை பிணிகள் தீர, மாங்கல்ய பாக்கியத்திற்கும், தோஷ சாப நிவர்த்திக்காகவும், ஐஸ்வர்யம் பெருகவும், இங்கு வேண்டிக்கொள்கிறர்கள். அம்மன் வடக்கு திசை நோக்கி அருளும் நிலையிலேயே காட்சி. திருமணமான தம்பதியர் இக்கோயிலுக்கு வந்து வழிபட்டால் அடுத்தாண்டு அவர்களுக்கு குழந்தை பாக்கியம் நிச்சயம் என்பது நம்பிக்கை. இது ஒரு சக்தி பீடமாகும். வெள்ளி கிழமைகளில் மாலை பக்தர்கள் தங்க தேர் இழுத்து தங்கள் பிரார்த்தனையை நிறைவேற்றுகிறார்கள். பிரார்த்தனை நிறைவேறியதும் அம்மனுக்கு புடவை சாத்தியும், அபிஷேகம் செய்தும் நேர்த்திக்கடன் நிறைவேற்றுகின்றனர். சிறப்பு அபிஷேகம், எலுமிச்சை தீபம், மாவிளக்கு ஏற்றலாம். கரங்களில் சூலம், உடுக்கை ஏந்தி காட்சியளிக்கிறாள். . மாங்கல்ய பாக்கியத்திற்கு, மாங்கல்யத்தை அம்பிகைக்கு அணிவிப்பர். அமாவாசை, பவுர்ணமி நாட்களில் விசேஷ பூஜை உண்டு. இங்கு தேர்த்திருவிழா நடத்தப்படுகிறது.

  34. Recently Ambal appeared before me and had desired that I should visit her temple. She mentioned while she is with me always, why don’t you come and see me in my place. I have composed some Gayathri Mantras and Slokas about the Ambal and sought the blessings of Pudhu Periyavaa of Shri Mutt. I am planning to distribute it in the temple as Periyavaa wanted me to do it. https://youtu.be/_FWj4NBGq3I

  35. சிறுவாச்சூர் மதுரகாளி என் குல தெய்வம், எனக்கு இஷ்டமான தெய்வம். அம்பாள் எனக்கு கனவில் ஒரு நாள் விடியற்காலை காட்சி தந்தருளினாள்.

  36. புராதனமான திருக்கோயில். அம்பாளை வழிபாடு செய்தால், அர்ச்சனை செய்து , கருவறை தீபத்தில் நெய் சேர்த்து வந்தால் பிணி அகலும், வறுமை அகலும், செல்வம் புகழ் சேரும். நாம் வேண்டிய அனைத்தையும் தந்து நம்மையும், நம் சந்ததிகளையும் வாழ்வாங்கு வாழ வைப்பார் .மன நோய் உள்ளவர்கள் திங்கள் கிழமை அந்திப்பொழுதில் கருவறையில் தீபத்தில் பசு நெய் சேர்த்து , தொடர்ந்து 11 வாரம் திங்கள் கிழமை வழிபட நல்லது நடக்கும், பிணி அகலும், வறுமை அகலும், நிரந்தரமாய் ஆனந்தம் கைகூடும், புரியாத ஆனந்தம் புதிதாக ஆரம்பிக்கும்

  37. Om Shri Mathura Kalikayai Namaha; Kring Kring Kring Hing Kring Dakshine Kalike, Siruvachur Vasinyai, Kring Kring Kring Hring Hring Hung Hung Swaha; Om Shri Mathura Kalyai
    Cha Vidmahe Siruvachur Vasinyai
    Cha Dhimahi Tanno Parasakthi Prachodayat;
    Om Shri Kali, Om Shri Kali, Mathura Kali
    Namostute, Namostute, Namo!
    Namostute, Namostute, Namo!
    Om Klim Mathura Kalikayai Namaha
    If one chants the above daily, SHE will certainly bless you
    with strength and power, and fill you up with positive energy.
    Kalika Ashtakam on Devi Kali composed by Sri Adi Shankaracharya
    can also be chanted daily.

  38. जय त्वं देवि चामुण्डे जय भूतापहारिणि ।
    जय सर्वगते देवि कालरात्रि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥१॥
    जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
    दुर्गा शिवा क्षमा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तु ते ॥२॥
    मधुकैटभविध्वंसि विधातृवरदे नमः ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥३॥
    महिषासुरनिर्नाशि भक्तानां सुखदे नमः ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥४॥
    धूम्रनेत्रवधे देवि धर्मकामार्थदायिनि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥५॥
    रक्तबीजवधे देवि चण्डमुण्डविनाशिनि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥६॥
    निशुम्भशुम्भनिर्नाशि त्रैलोक्यशुभदे नमः ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥७॥
    वन्दिताङ्घ्रियुगे देवि सर्वसौभाग्यदायिनि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥८॥
    अचिन्त्यरूपचरिते सर्वशत्रुविनाशिनि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥९॥
    नतेभ्यः सर्वदा भक्त्या चापर्णे दुरितापहे ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१०॥
    स्तुवद्भयो भक्तिपूर्वं त्वां चण्डिके व्याधिनाशिनि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥११॥
    चण्डिके सततं युद्धे जयन्ति पापनाशिनि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१२॥
    देहि सौभाग्यमारोग्यं देहि देवि परं सुखम् ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१३॥
    विधेहि देवि कल्याणं विधेहि विपुलां श्रियम् ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१४॥
    विधेहि द्विषतां नाशं विधेहि बलमुच्चकैः ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१५॥
    सुरासुरशिरोरत्ननिघृष्टचरणेऽम्बिके ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१६॥
    विद्यावन्तं यशस्वन्तं लक्ष्मीवन्तञ्च मां कुरु ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१७॥
    देवि प्रचण्डदोर्दण्डदैत्यदर्पनिषूदिनि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१८॥
    प्रचण्डदैत्यदर्पघ्ने चण्डिके प्रणताय मे ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥१९॥
    चतुर्भुजे चतुर्वक्त्रसंस्तुते परमेश्वरि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥२०॥
    कृष्णेन संस्तुते देवि शश्वद्भक्त्या सदाम्बिके ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥२१॥
    हिमाचलसुतानाथसंस्तुते परमेश्वरि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥२२॥
    इन्द्राणीपतिसद्भावपूजिते परमेश्वरि ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥२३॥
    देवि भक्तजनोद्दामदत्तानन्दोदयेऽम्बिके ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥२४॥
    भार्या मनोरमां देहि मनोवृत्तानुसारिणीम् ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥२५॥
    तारिणि दुर्गसंसारसागरस्याचलोद्भवे ।
    रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि ॥२६॥
    इदं स्तोत्रं पठित्वा तु महास्तोत्र पठेन्नरः ।
    सप्तशतीं समाराध्य वरमाप्नोति दुर्लभम् ॥२७॥

    The above Argala Stotram is said daily in Kalikambal Temple, Chennai, which is equivalent to Saptashati. Since I am a frequent visitor to Kalikambal Temple, I watched this. Gurukkal used to tell the first stanza while showing Deepa Aaradhanai. In fact, I have composed an Ashtothram also for Shri Mathurakali, which I shall post it later. It was blessed by Shri Pudhu Periyavaa of Shri Mutt, which was circulated in the temple premises at Siruvachur a few months back.

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