The Death of Krishna [Adapted From The Mahabharatha]

Kurukshetra was silent. The battle had come to an end and the war ground was strewn with bodies of royal and commoners alike. The Pandavas were not rejoicing their win. Rather they were devasted at the destruction that a single war had caused. Stunned and speechless, they scanned the ground for people in need of help.

“Duryodhanaaaaaaaaaaa….”, shrieked a voice from far far away, “Dhur… Dhuryodhanaaaa. My son, open your eyes. Speak… Speak to me my first born… Speak to me… A hundred did we bear, all fine and proud. Was it for such a foolish end. Dhuryodhana…. speak out.. SPEAK OUT…” Gandhari, was bent over the bloody mess of  her son’s body, tears pouring down, slurring her speech. Her husband, the blind king Dritharashtra stood by, looking helpless.

The Pandavas along with Krishna hurried over to Gandhari and the King, to offer their respects, apologies and condolences. Sanjaya, the king’s escort, gently bent down to Gandhari, to inform the blindfolded woman of the arrival of the five and their protector. Gandhari stood up, all grief gone in a trice, replaced with fury. Red, boiling fury. The five retreated in fear.

Gandhari, lamenting on Duryodhana

Gandhari, lamenting on Duryodhana

Gandhari, however, totally ignored them and aided by Sanjaya, came up to Krishna.”You”, she shouted,”You, the young king of Dwaraka. You, who I worshipped everyday, as Vishnu himself and You, who I know to be an avatar of the supreme godhead. Are’nt you ashamed of your doings? Should’nt you have averted this war with your divine will and power? Is this what you do to your own creation? I have requested you, each and every day in the past troubled times to avert this disaster. Is this how you answer my prayers? Ask yor mother, Devaki, the pain of losing a child. She had seven of her children being killed at birth and now I have seen a hundred sons of mine being butchered to death” Gandhari, was shaking, her anger uncontrollable. And all the more she was shocked to hear that Krishna was laughing gently at her. Her fury vent itself out, “Do you smile after all this? What a nerve you have. Listen to this, oh mocking God. If my years of Vishnu Bhakthi have been true, and if my PathiBhakthi since my marriage has been unshaken and strong, then, may you die in 36 years from today. May Dwaraka be flooded and may every one of your Yadava kin perish by killing each other, just as you made the kins of Kuru kill one another. Since the Yadavas cannot be killed by any other race, they will die at each other’s hands. May the Yadavas die out…. may the Yadavas die out….”

Gandhari was close to tears, her anger all gone, and she fell down on her knees to the Lord’s feet. Krishna, lifted her up, his smile stuck onto his face and said “Maathey, that curse of yours will take effect, not only because of your true devotion towards me and your husband, but also due to the ever changing sands of time. In the mean time, lets attend to the tending of the dead and sending them away on their journey to the heavens.” And supporting Gandhari, Krishna walked past the startled and shocked pandavas to their encampment.

Days flew by after the coronation of Yudhishtra as the king of Hasthinapur. Krishna went back to Dwaraka, to rule over the beautiful island kingdom. Blessed by the presence of the Goddess of Wealth as Rukmini, the people enjoyed every luxury that life could give. Slowly the curse of Gandhari started taking form.

The Yadavas were in eternal bliss in Dwaraka. So much bliss, that they forgot good conduct, morals and the importance of discipline and humility. So once when some of the SapthaRishis came down to visit Krishna and Balarama, they went beyond the restraints of respect for the maha purushas.

“Let’s test the powers of these so called Thava sreshtas (best of the people in tapas)”, suggested Sambha, the son of Krishna, to his friends. Sambha dressed himself as a woman, and then placed a mace underneath his dress, and led by two other men approached the rishis, the very picture of an expecting mother. “Oh learned men”, one of the yadavas voiced.”My wife here is pregnant. Can you, by the divine powers vested in you, predict the gender of the child to be born?”

The rishis were furious. They saw through the whole hoax immediately. Kanva maharishi immedialty grabbed his kamandala and in the heat of fury sprinkled some water on the three yadavas. “May the very thing that he bears in his stomach be born to him. And that thing will lead to the extinction of the entire Yadava clan”, he cursed. The Yadavas, shocked though they were, were too arrogant to even apologise. They left the scene, laughing off the curse as the speech of one who had lost all his sanity.

Things were however very different the next morning. Sambha developed labour pains and soon delivered a mace from within him. The Yadavas were now struck with fear. They immediately rushed with the mace to Akroora and Ugrasena and in the presence of Krishna himself, they narrated the weird tide of events. Akroora imediately ordered,”Grind the mace to a fine powder and cast it into the seas.” The yadavas nodded and retreated. Akroora cast his gaze at Krishna, his eyes full of questions. Krishna simply smiled back. “The wheels of time are turning Uncle”, he said,”and Sambha has played his part perfectly.” He left without another word, leaving both of them bewildered. “What did he mean by that Akroora?”, asked the old king, Ugrasena.

“I can tell you that, father.” Ugrasena turned around to the source of voice. Rukmini stood by the doorway. Bedecked with jewels, the goddess shined bright.”Thirty six year ago, Krishna prayed to Shiva for a son like him. Does that ring any bell?”, she asked. Akroora was stumped. Ugrasena, however, said very slowly, his eyes bright, “A son like Shiva. A son like the god of destruction. Krishna wanted Sambha to aid in destruction…” And even more slowly, his voice down several levels, he uttered, “Gandhari’s curse. The time for her curse to act has arrived. Krishna himself made sure that her curse would be true. A reward for her devotion in him”, he ended, leaving Akroora agape and Rukmini nodding in agreement.

Outside the palace, the Yadavas had obeyed Akroora’s command to the dot. They had ground the mace finely. Everything was ground except a sharp triangular piece which appeared to be very hard indeed. And then they had thrown the fine powder and the lone piece into the sea. Happy that they had taken care of the matter so easily, they returned back to their general state of intoxication and bliss.

Time rolled by. The triangular piece of the mace was swallowed by a fish. The fish was caught by a hunter, who upon finding the piece in the fish’s entrails immediately used it to craft a fine poisonous arrow. The fine powder, on the other hand, washed back ashore and deposited itself by the beautiful coast of Dwaraka. A certain grass grew in lush abundance in the area where the powder was deposited. Everything was set for the final showdown.

One day, the Yadavas went on a picnic to the beach. They were in their usual high state and the liquor that they drank on the beautiful beach made them to lose their senses totally. In this total state of uncontrol, they started teasing one another, bringing up the ghory pasts and gruesome mistakes of each other. Satyaki and Krithavarma acted as the starting points for the doom of Dwaraka. Satyaki had fought on the Pandava side in the battle of Kurukshetra  and Krithavarma, on the Kaurava side. They taunted one another, bringing back memories of the ghory war. Satyaki, wished to end it all, and drawing out his sword, jumped on Krithaverma and cut his head off. The friends of Krithavarma, furious with Satyaki, pounced on him and a great brawl followed. Pradyumna, the son of Krishna, innocent though he was, found himself in the thick of the fight and was killed.

Krishna knew that the time had come, and very discretely he plucked the grass that grew in abundance by the sea and placed them by the fighting Yadavas. The Yadavas, in their state of ignorance, threw the grass blades at one another.

The curse of Kanva Maharishi started acting and each blade of grass became a mace, smashing into the Yadavas, killing them instantly. It was a matter of moments before the Yadavas lay dead, killed by their own clan members and infront of their very King.

Having seen this total destruction unfold before his very eyes, Krishna then decided that it is time for him to shed his coils too. He entrusted the Yadava women to Arjuna (They were however taken away by hill bandits on their way back to Hastinapur. Arjuna, having become old, had no strength to fight the bandits) and along with Balarama left to the forest. The moment Krishna left Dwaraka, a huge wave splurged up from the oceans and swallowed the beautiful city into its deep depths, where it continues to lie till this very day.

Jagat Mandir in present day Dwaraka

Jagat Mandir in present day Dwaraka

Balarama, vexed with the battles of life, sat down in meditation and very soon the thousand headed serpent, AdiSesha, came out from his mouth and offering its salutations to Krishna, glided towards the sea (Balarama is said to be an incarnation of Adisesha). Seeing the death of his dear brother, Krishna became overwhelmed with grief and sat down besides Balarama, by some bushes.

By the amazing wills of fate, the hunter saw the foot of Krishna sticking out from the bushes and assuming it to be a deer shot it down with an arrow. The very arrow made from the lone surviving triangular piece from the mace that was delivered by Sambha. Krishna was killed by the poisoned arrow, and his soul soared back to Vaikunda, his mission on earth accomplished.

Thus died Shri Krishna, the poorna avatar of Vishnu, succumbing to the arrow of a mere hunter, to honor the curse of a steadfast devotee who had always prayed to him with a very pure heart. Gandhari’s curse had acted and achieved its purpose, just like the Lord himself had promised her.



It is believed that the hunter who was responsible for the death of Krishna was none other than the great Vaali in his last birth. Shri Narayana, in his previous avatar as the beloved of the Raghu clan, had killed Vaali from a hidden spot atop a tree. Vaali had committed no act against Shri Raama and hence Raama had no reason, whatsoever to kill him. This story beautifully brings out the very important fact that, even for the Ruler of the Universe, the laws of Karma remain the same.

Thanks Mouli, for letting me know!! 😀

~ by deepaksaagar on February 19, 2009.

54 Responses to “The Death of Krishna [Adapted From The Mahabharatha]”

  1. Great Story teller you are. These can be compiled into a book. Thanks for the service. How do you find time for this service! Thanks and love. Muthu

  2. Its a nice compilation But it is not valid to say that Rama has no reason to kill vaali. As a king (Rama) he has to protect
    people,rishis from adharma , animals & demons. Vaali being brother should not capture Sugreeva’s wife and should not kill him for not doing any sin to vaali.That’s why the same point vaali asked before his death of killing him with out reason.
    In Ramayan every step Rama followed is dharma. he stick to dharma at any cost or risk.

  3. Yes, He was Dharmic in Killing Vali.. But in Killing him from behind a tree, he did not follow Yuddha Dharma of killing in one to one combat… And when he banishes Seetha, even though it is for the protection of Rajya Dharma, he lets go of Manodharma of protecting one’s wife till the very end…. This is just my opinion of the two places where even Sri Rama slipped in Dharma…..

    • No..lord Rama didn’t slip in Dharma..he killed vaali from behind a is true..but there is a reason for this…Vaali has a boon that he can suppress the power of his opponent who stands in front of him in a war…If lord Rama stood in front of Vaali…Vaali would have suppressed lord Rama’s power….knowing this lord Rama shot him from behind a tree…although lord Rama is lord Vishnu himself…he played the role of human being when he came down to earth….that is lord Rama never exhibited his powers..he just fought like a human and not like a god..

      • We always find good excuse for anything specially when no one was present at the time of killing out of those who give excuses. In any way the norms of morality change as per the era and place. So why worry if he was right or wrong?

    • Sre Rama had never slipped his dharma as Vali is a monkey and shri Rama is a human, when human hunt any animal, he can hunt from any where dharma was proved

  4. Very nice article.. Thank you very much..I think everything seems to be good. Except I guess it was not Kanva maharshi but it might have been Durvasa Maharshi is what I remember

  5. wonderful blog…thank you!

  6. To your explanation on ram giving up the yudha dharma, isn’t that everyone has to face a situation where one has to give up a lower dharma/cause for higher dharma/cause? If each lower dharma have such repurcussions, no one would be motivated to give it up for higher cause.
    A judge & an executor has to every other day take a life thus giving up the dharma of humanity, in order to upkeep the dharma of social law. Does it mean they would have to pay for executing the criminals?

  7. Nice piece. I wrote a different take on Krsna’s death. Looked at the possibility that it was a planned execution by his enemies. Feel free to look at it :

  8. Nicely put. ” the end of the Yadavas after Mahabharatham”

  9. I knew that the hunter who killed Lord Krishna was ANGAD, the son ov Vaali, who complained to Rama about illegal killing of his father. Rama booned him that to redress the misdeed He would be killed by Angad in Dwapar Yug.
    Vaali was so self esteemed that he never prayed anything to Rama.
    Am I wrong?

    • It was not angad but bali himself. He took re birth in form of a bheel. When he killed krishna by his arrow and later he find that by mistake he targetted krishna so he felt guilty. At that time from aakshwani it was said that you were bali in your last birth and krishna was shri ram who killed you. So everything was destined to happen.

  10. It’s a bit silly to die from an arrow to the foot!

  11. Poisoned dart for the God! How could they leave out that minor detail in the epic! Was it hemotoxic or neurotoxic? I don’t recall poisons being used for hunting arrows. It was a hunting accident, right? Hunters did not use poisoned arrows in the Indian Subcontinent (unlike the south american natives who used the poison made from the skin of frogs). Poisoned arrows were used to kill people. So the whole thing was not an accident but an intentional murder. KRISHNA WAS MURDERED! There is something very fishy about the whole story.

    • The Bhagavatham explicitly does not mention a poisoned arrow, bu certain translations of the Mahabharatha do. Either way, it is immaterial whether the dart was poisoned or not, for He left this earth by his own will. It is not suicide either, as one maybe tempted to say. Though I had used the words ‘Death’ and ‘killing’ for the want of better substitutes, His departure from the earth can fall into neither category, for it is mentioned that he ascended to Vaikuntha with His very own body. And as we may conclude, since there was no corpse to examine, and no postmortem analysis could be done, we have to satisfy ourselves with the fact that this was the way that it had happened.

      मा भैर्जरे! त्वमुत्तिष्ठ काम एष कृतो हि मे। याहि त्वं मदनुज्ञात: स्वर्गं सुकृतिनां पदम्॥
      “My dear Jarā, do not fear. Please get up. What has been done is actually My own desire. With My permission, go now to the abode of the pious, the spiritual world.”

      The finer details can also be found here , as well as in any version of the Bhaagavatha!

      • good work, deepak. i wish to know the fate of rukmini &
        satyabhama after lord krishna passes away.

  12. Lord Vishnu’s avatar Sri Rama knows everything about dharma & adharma.. He is the one who crated all this and we are not eligible to comment on his act. But Sri Rama has predicted all these questions ( how can Rama kill vaali from behind the tree and there are 7 other important questions) and know that people will have confusion about his act, he has answered 7 questions asked by Vaali which was explained in a portion of Ramayana called “Vaali Vadha Samaadhana” (Meaning: Reason for killing Vaali). After the Rama shot his arrow in Vaali’s chest, Vaali knows it was Tama who did thus and he angrily asked all these 7 seven questions to Loard Rama. After explaining all these questions, Vaali himself accepted the mistake and gifted his son Angatha to Lord Rama and told him to include Angatha to his Vaanara sena..

  13. it is so honour and great to know about the great history of india..lord krishna is a god eventhough justice is same to god and people…dharma is more than god…

  14. Good Knowledge sharing..thanks for the valuable information


  16. gandhari ka shraap krishna ko laga aur unki mrutyu hui isliye kabhi kisi ko kasht n pahunchaayen

  17. Very Very nicely written and explained in details. The B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharata kept me wondering what happened to Krishna as if didn’t covered the aftermath of war in a detailed manner. This detailed article of yours had brought me in touch with the story after that.
    Thank You !!

  18. sad content, but very well Explained… simple but wonderful writing …

  19. it was wonderful reading this blog….thenq u so much for sharing 🙂 god bless u 🙂

  20. Lord Krishna loved makhan and ghee and sweets.
    Probably he developed diabetes but could not control his desire to eat more sweet. He must have got hit by the arrow and developed gangrene in his foot. We all know that its very difficult to cure diabetic gangrene even in today’s age…

    • Vow Jenna, superb scientific thinking. Normally when we read these epics, we have to cast away rational thinking. You are 100% right. I may also add that age also was a negative factor for treatment of gangerene. You know, I sometimes wonder why Krishna did not use his own extraordinary powers to cure his feet! After all he is a God right?

      • Krishna is god of course but he is born in this world as human being.and what is happened in kurukshetra and lots of peoples are died in the war and certainaly he will be thinking i had not done good by taking the lives of people and because of this feeling he is died and he truly is champion for me and will remain forever.

  21. Bali was killed by Rama he must be freed from birth and death according to Geeta. Then how Bali could be hunter. He couldn’t have taken birth.

  22. Give us more information about Lord Rama and Lord Krishna in details. I wonder why the existence of Lord Rama is not proved as yet to the world when actually both Lord Rama & Lord Krishna are same – the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Is there any avatar born as of today? if not why?…………..

  23. Its sad reading how Lord Krishna died..But yes i agree dharma is above everything else and rules are the same for gods and human beings..great article..wonderful narration..We Indians must really strive to make India the cultural capital of the world for there is so much history to narrate to this fast changing world and the values & virtues are very much relevant even today..

  24. Nice Story and life ending of Sri Krishna.


  25. supereb, it is very interesting! everyone must read this and the mahabharatha

  26. thanks for enlightenment. i did not know the sambha part. 🙂

  27. Thanks for all the above details explanation of the LORD KRISHNA’s ending days … this has made me more informative to explain to others, because i always had question and asking even sometime fought that being a GOD himself why did lord Krishna selected this way to explain the context of “Dharma eva hato hanti/ Dharmo rakshati rakshitah” which has to understood by every human being on this earth. How others had taken “bhagvad gita” i don’t know, but i hope i understand that Krishna had explained us that What GOOD you make will give you FRUITFULL days in your life and if do BAD your coming days will be BITTER / CRUCIAL to make you realize your mistake. And on this same concept i have leading my journey of my life … Hence now i’m Happy to say i’m satisfied and got what i deserve but unfortunately i’m living far from my first wife and my dear son from past 3-4 yrs and waiting them to get back to me ASAP … this punishment is given to me because of my own mistakes is had done in my younger age … now i’m suffering … As i love “Lord Shiva” and “Lord Sri Shirdi Sai Baba” and trust them in every breathe i take … Trusting on them that i will get one day “Vimochana” from my papa karma’s and i will soon get back my loved once [Wife and Son] back to me …

    I request for all readers of this blog “i’m Correct in what i have understood of my life” else kindly anyone help me to get RID of my pain which i’m suffering inside my heart because i have lost my wife and son.

    Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.

  28. May be it was diabetic gangrene leading to septicemia, coma and death.

  29. love the way you described that,everyone here fought for what Lord Ram does but not a single one goes with the die of lord Krishna..
    surely He was a great messiah…

  30. I have got a very useful information abuot the life of shree krishna afte the completion of mahabharat.& also about how he died.

  31. All this is sooo complicated yaar..!! I still fail to understand that why all this had to happen?? I know that gods had preplanned everything to destroy the evil. And because of this preplanned stuff, sooo much destruction was caused!!!! If gods had to punish the evil then it could have been by some easy way also nah.. They were the gods, they could do anything.. And as u all know that even after gods causing such a grand event to take place, nothing much changed in the world!!! The world is still filled with evil and adharma (as it is rightly said) !! I really need an answer for this…!!

  32. thankyou

  33. i hv heard that krishna was crucified is it true?

  34. Best thanks for information

  35. Beautifully told I didn’t knew the story can u also tell what happened to rhe pandavas .

  36. A knowledgeable mythological story


  38. Good job sir thanks

  39. what is the job done by lord shree krishna after mahabharata epic & his death??

  40. VAIKUNTA !!

  41. Fantastic blog.. 🙂

  42. krishna was realy the truth teller but his knowledge through mahabharat epic and his own life is unforgotable so he is true God and will remain in my mind forever.

  43. well done. Explains lots of things. I wanted to know what happened to Rukmani. How did she go to heaven?

  44. Thanks for a very simple retelling of a very important event. This clears us so many questions I had about Lord Krishna’s death.

  45. hare krsna

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